Andrew Featherston – Grey’s Anatomy actress Sandra Oh’s Boyfriend


We are all heartbroken to see Cristina Yang / Sandra Oh leave the medical drama after 10-years! But we are sure we’ll see more of her soon, so what else can we tell you about her? Meet Sandra Oh’ lovey dovey partner for the past 7-years! He is  Andrew Featherston. He is not an actor but he is in the entertaining industry, the guy is a musician.


Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh, aka Dr. Cristina Yang was previously hitched and the then 36-year-old became officially divorced from writer-director Alexander Payne in 2007. Sandra had a famously rocky relationship and marriage to The Descendants writer/director Alexander Payne, who she started dating in 2000.


Have you ever heard indie band The Hereafter? Well Andrew was the band’s percussionist. Sandra was spotted on the arm of Andrew Featherston the same year she divorced. There are photos of the pair throughout 2008, but in the past years, we haven’t heard one peep from Sandra about that relationship.


The indie rocker Andrew Featherston’s girlfriend was born Sandra Miju Oh 42-years-ago to Korean parents in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean, Ontario, Canada. Her father and mother, who were married in Seoul, South Korea, both attended graduate school at the University of Toronto. She began her career as a ballet dancer and eventually studied drama at the National Theatre School in Montreal. IMDb profile.

Featherston’s gf refused to comment on the looming controversy over her onscreen love,Grey’s cast mate Isaiah Washington, he was there for her during that hectic time for the actress.


Andrew made Sandra’s dream come true by dating her, apparently she has always had a thing for rock-stars. According to, Andrew Featherston who is 36-years-old is much more then just a percussionist, he is multi-instrumentalist and instrument builder. A former member of the confrontational art-rock band Candybox Violence and the folk-rock group The Hereafter, Andrew has long sought to incorporate his unique micro-tonal instruments and visceral sonic textures into various musical projects and his videos.

Hi piece, “Sirens: Octet for Slide Whistle” was performed at a SASSAS event commemorating the Cardew’s Scratch Orchestra.


They are both very tight lip about speaking about their relationship but they have been spotted hanging out together through the years. According to his LinkedIn, he is also a former tutor, teaching assistant, video producer, creative director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer among others.


The video specialist has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Theater Arts, Philosophy from Bethel University and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Film/Video and Photographic Arts from the Art Center college of design.

You can find Andy on vimeo here.