Andrew Dodge: Dylann Roof’s Pen Pal

Meet Andrew Dodge of Burlington, Washington, a man who’s fascination with crime and killers led him to contact mass murder Dylann Roof in jail! Roof is the 21-year-old accused of killing 9 African Americans after a Bible study class at a historic black church in Charleston last month.

There’s no copy of what Andrew’s exact words were to Dylan, but a copy of Roof’s handwritten reply has been posted online. The authenticity hasn’t been confirmed but here is what Dylann replied to his pen pal:

Hello Andrew,

My health and spirit are doing fine. Your letter is dated 6/18 and to be honest its surprising you could write me a letter so quickly. Where in Burlington is Washington located? Is Burlington the second or third biggest city, or a smaller town? I don’t see how anyone could work 80 hours a week and not quit. To tell the truth, I don’t really have any hobbies, and I can appreciate any type of music as long as it sounds good. I also want to ask you the origin of your last name. Is Dodge an English surname? Or is it anglicized (?) name of a different origin? To be honest, I don’t think I need 30 dollars right now. I’d rather you send me a book. But it has to be sent from the publisher. If you think you could do this for me, just tell me in your reply, and then I can tell you the name of the book I want when I write you again. Either way, thanks for writing me, I appreciate your letter. It is nice to receive mail in jail. Most people probably would be too scared to send me a letter.

Thanks again,

Dylann Storm Roof

P.S. I had some money put in my account, if that was you, please ignore what I said about the book.


Reports seem to be skeptical of Dylann’s reply. The letter was sent to Roof, and written on the day of his capture, it’s unclear when it arrived at the jail, when Roof received it, or when he wrote back.

Accoridng to Radar Online, Dylan’s note recently surfaced on an online auction site, where it’s selling for $1,000.

Online records do show a man named Andrew Dodge who lives in Burlington, WA and has also lived in Sedro Woolley, WA.

According to the Daily News, Dodge 25, has a fascination with “true crime” and obsession with serial killers and said that was what led him to quickly mail out the memo.

Dodge owns the site True Crime Auction House –where the letter can be purchased –but also cleared the air saying he’s  not a white supremacist or fan of the cold-blooded man.