Amy Seiber- Wendy Employee who serves Marijuana Burgers!!

wendys Amy Seiber

Don’t get confuse, Wendy’s hasn’t introduce the doped burger, however an employee of their thought it would be funny to add half a smoke marijuana blunt to a customer’s burger. Certainly this got her so fired and so busted!!

Former Wendy’s employee 32-year-old Amy Seiber from Atlanta, Georgia was arrested on November 1st. after she put a half-smoke marijuana joint inside the burger of the customer who called 911 after she found the off  the menu ingredient.

Lovejoy Police Department said they arrested Amy Seiber after she immediately accepted the blunt was hers, she told them that she had been smoking weed on the job and conveniently “misplaced” the blunt inside the customer’s burger, on top of the pickle.

Amy Seiber was charged with for possession of marijuana; as for the unfortunate customer. she said she suffered food poisoning-type symptoms and had to be hospitalized. Wendy’s offered to pay for her medical expenses and  a $50 gift certificate.