Aml Elsokary NY Muslim Cop

Aml Elsokary

Aml Elsokary is a proud NY officer who happens to be both a female and a Muslim. A parent and also an officer Aml Elsokary first made headlines two years ago due to her brave instincts. Keep reading to know Aml Elsokary’s biography.

Aml Elsokary has been hailed as a hero officer since 2014, most recently, she finds herself in the other side of the coin, as a victim of a hate crime.

Accoridng to outlets, Aml was parking her car when she spotted her 16-year-old son being pushed and berated by a man.

When Elsokary –who was off-duty and unarmed –approached, police said the suspect said to her, “ISIS (expletive), I will cut your throat go back to your country.”

the incident took place on Saturday, outside her home in Bay Ridge .


According to the NY Post, back in 2014, Aml Elsokary ran into a burning building to save a baby. At the time, she and Sergeant Adrian Harris, got to the scene before firefighters arrived and began alerting tenants. She said at the time, referring about another fire in which two cops lost their lives:

“Going in, the events on Sunday were very much on my mind,” “But I had to help. I could hear the baby crying.”

Elsokary and the other officer ended up saving the lives of a grandmother and her 1-year-old granddaughter from a fire in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For her courage, she was awarded a medal for bravery in 2014.

Aside form being a fearless cop, Aml Elsokary is also the mother of five children. CBS reported the NYPD Muslim Officers Society said, she is one of the few Muslim officers who wear a hijab on patrol.

Accoridng to her social media info, she moved to the Bronx in 1982.  Aml attended Harry S. Truman High School. She was also a student at The City University of New York (CUNY).

She is listed as working for the City of NY since 1999. She speaks Spanish, English and Arabic.

You can find Aml Elsokary on Facebook here.