Alexandria Lexii Cramsey – John Cramsey’s Daughter

Alexandria Lexii Cramsey

Alexandria Lexii Cramsey is the late model daughter of John Cramsey, the Pennsylvania gun shop owner who was arrested at the Holland Tunnel on his way to an alleged rescue mission.

Lexii’s father has dedicated his life to save addicts after her death last February. He and two others were stopped on the New Jersey side of the Holland Tunnel about 7:40 a.m. Tuesday, after Port police spotted a crack on his truck’s windshield. Surprisingly, authorities also found a cache of weapons and ammunition carried by John Cramsey and his two companions.

According to her obituary, Alexandria Lexii Cramsey, was born Alexandria Aurelia Cramsey in Allentown to Gina Cramsey of L. Macungie and John Cramsey. The 20-year-old died of a heroin overdose on February 21, 2016.

She was lovingly called Lexii, and she was the First WALN Party Channel girl. As a professional model, she worked with three agencies in Atlanta, Philadelphia and Mexico and also was a ballet dancer.

According to The Morning Call, just four days later after Alexandria Lexii Cramsey’s death, John Cramsey attended a meeting at Whitehall High School, regarding the heroin epidemic. When Lehigh County Deputy Coroner Andrew Kehm said addiction affects taxpayers too, considering that an autopsy for an overdose victim can cost $2,500 to $3,000 –John Cramsey

“You’re telling me my daughter’s life isn’t worth $3,000?”

Cramsey and other Heroin users’ families voiced their frustration in trying to get help for a family member addicted to heroin and demanded some kind of action to reverse the heroin trend.

Alexandra “Lexii” Cramsey and her boyfriend Marquillis Calhoun, 22, were both pronounced death back in February.


In a number of posts and Facebook photos, her father has been telling the world of his work against what he calls ‘the demon” that took his daughter’s life. He started a group called “Enough is Enough” and has been spreading awareness about the effects of heroin in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Following his arrest, one of the group members said Cramsey hadn’t been sleeping and also noticed that he was getting more adventurous with his rescue efforts.


Those close to John Cramsey, see his arrest as a clear attempt of “rushing to help somebody, to do good”  describing him as a ‘great guy’ the kind that would ‘give his shirt off his back to anyone.”

The Lexii Cramsey Foundation has been created to honor the memory of John’s daughter. Lexii Cramsey is survived by brothers John J., Matthew and Dakota, maternal grandparents Larry and Jeanne Bloch and other relatives.

Her father was detained on the four-month anniversary of her tragic death.

A Twitter account for Alexandria Lexii Cramsey, can still be seen here.