Alexander Naessens Husband of Belgian Victim Ann-Laure Decadt Killed in NY

Alexander Naessens

Alexander Naessens; is the husband of Ann-Laure Decadt, the Belgian mother of two who was among the 8 people killed when 29-year-old truck driver Sayfullo Saipov, mowed down a rented Home Depot truck, into Anne-Laure and other innocent people riding bicycles near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

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Alexander Naessens, said his wife since 2012, mother of his two sons ages three and three-months-old; was in New York with her mother and two sisters. She planned to fly home this weekend. He added that someone from Lower Manhattan Hospital called him to inform him of his wife’s passing on Tuesday night in Belgium.

Mr. Naessens, graduated in 1995, from Vrije Basissxchgoool Rollegem-Kapelle; subsequently in 2001, from the Klein Seminarie Roeselare in Belgium; finally in 2006 from Hoger Instituut voor Vertalers en Tolken, in Antwerpen, Belgium.