Alex Kelly from Preppy Rapist to Skydiving instructor

Meet Alex Kelly

About 20-years ago Alex Kelly made headlines as the ‘preppy rapist’ now-a-days he is a pro skydiver! Ever think of what happens to an accused rapist and ex-convict? How do they recover their lives, if there’s even the slight chance to have one? Does it always comes up during family gatherings? Do they have the same friends?

Alex Kelly might be bale to answer those questions. Kelly led an adrenaline-fueled life until he was forced to face rape charges in Connecticut.

Kelly grew up into a wealthy family which supported his lifestyle while in Europe — skiing, hang gliding and mountain climbing.

Kelly who spent 10-years in prison, made a life for himself as a professional skydiver who teaches others, but according to the NY Post, things haven’t been easy. He was fired from a skydiving company after employees complained Kelly screamed at them and made lewd sexual comments.

He has declined interviews but he offered a source who spoke highly of him as a professional and added he’s been a role model for her son.


Kelly –who was a high school wrestling star in Darien, Connecticut –was accused of two rapes in the late 80’s. Just when his trial was set to begin in 1987, he fled to Europe. His running days were over in 1995 in Switzerland.

The son of plumbing company owner, Joe Kelly –was convicted in 1997 and sentenced to 16 years in prison. Kelly got out of jail in 2007 with credit for good behavior, and has not been arrested since.

Following his slammer release, he began taking classes at Connecticut Parachutists Inc., where he became an instructor. According to his LinkedIn, Kelly became the club’s president and then drop zone manager. He turned his life around and managed to become an expert skydiver with several instructor ratings and a master’s license for parachuting.

Some could think the registered sexual offender, might have fallen in his past way after being accused of erratic behavior but his friend/source says the friction with Connecticut Parachutists’ board was related to Kelly’s management style and his insistence that safety be a top priority.

Kelly –who parted way with his former employer last year–has been pursuing his own business ever since. Will his past continue to hunt him?