Alan Garcia’s Girlfriend Roxanne Cheesman

Roxanne Cheesman

Roxanne Cheesman is the girlfriend of late politician, Alan Garcia –who served two terms as President of Peru.

Roxanne’s partner and former Peruvian President Alan Garcia, is said to have committed suicide on Wednesday morning. The 69-year-old shot himself as police waited to arrest him on corruption charges.

Garcia, who served two terms as Peru’s president, from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011 –was said to have accepted up to $14 million in illegal payments during his second term in office. He was involved in what is known as the Car Wash scandal.


At the center of the controversies is the Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht, whose officials have admitted paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes to high-ranking government officials to secure lucrative public works contracts. The scandal has led to the arrest or extradition requests for three other former Peruvian presidents.

Roxanne Cheesman

During his lifetime, Garcia was married twice and was in a relationship with mistress/girlfriend Roxanne Cheesman at the time of his death. He fathered one daughter Carla –from his first marriage to Carla Buscaglia.

His widow is his second wife, economist and former first lady, Pilar Nores –with whom he fathered four children; Josefina, Gabriela, Luciana and Alan Raúl Simón. The two had been married since 1978 and separated but never divorced in 2010.

Following his separation from Pilar, Garcia began publicly dating Roxanne Cheesman –who at the time was accused of being his mistress and breaking up his marriage. She and Garcia were first linked together in 2004.

Roxanne Cheesman was born in Minnesota on February 16, 1961. She lost her father, Dr. Ricardo Cheesman in 2015. Her mother Llinka Rajkovic Chiesa, is described as a businesswoman.

Roxanne studied at the Catholic University of Peru, the Catholic University of Tilburg in the Netherlands and in Leuven, Belgium. Cheesman, an aconomist, worked in Peru as a public servant within the Institute of Foreign Trade and later in communications for a mining company also in Peru.

Roxanne also known as ‘Cuki’ is also a columnist for Peruvian publication, El Comercio.

The columnist is also the mother of Alan Garcia’s youngest child, son Federico Danton. She gave birth to the couple’s only child in 2005. Both Roxanne and their son appeared at the presidential swearing-in in Colombia accompanying Garcia.