Akash Vukoti’s Parents Krishna Vukoti & Chandrakala Jandyam

Krishna Vukoti & Chandrakala Jandyam

Krishna Vukoti & Chandrakala Jandyam are the proud parents of spelling and language prodigy, Akash Vukoti.

Their 9-year-old son began reading and writing at a very early age and competed in his first spelling bee when he was just 2 years old.

He became a member of Mensa at 3 and a Davidson Institute young scholar at four. At age six, he became the youngest boy ever to compete in the history of Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Now you can see Akash on a different kind of competition. He is one of twelve celebrity kids competing on Dancing With the Stars Juniors. Akash is partnered with pro Kamri Peterson and mentored by veteran pro, Witney Carson.

Krishna Vukoti & Chandrakala Jandyam are from southern India and they are Akash’s biggest fans. The parents are in control of his social media platforms.

Krishna Vukoti & Chandrakala Jandyam

The couple welcomed Akash on May 29, 2009; and raised him in San Angelo, Texas. They are also parents to Akash’s big sister, Armrita who was also inducted into American Mensa. Their son also speaks three languages, two of the Indian subcontinent.

Both his parents believe his son’s talents come from God. Akash is home-schooled and his mother, Chandrakala Jandyam, works full-time as his teacher. The mom of two has a background in engineering and previously worked in the information technology field.

His father, Krishna Vukoti was born on January, first, 1975. Mr. Vukoti is a scientist. He has a PhD (Biomolecular Sciences) from the Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea. Dr. Krishna Vukoti works in the intersection of Cellular Signaling and Mass Spectrometry.

According to a profile, Krishna is also in-charge of the “Nano Acquity UPLC coupled LTQ Orbitrap XL” Mass Spectrometer in the Torres lab. His responsibilities include bio-analytical method development, operation and maintenance of the LCMS.