Aimee West- Woolwich UK Soldier Lee Rigby’s Girlfriend

Lee Rigby fiance Aimee West

Aimee West was serving at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan  when she was informed of her boyfriend’s horrible death, Lee Rigby was the  UK Soldier beheaded in Woolwich by Michael Adebolajo and his accomplice last week.

According to reports Aimee West’s boyfriend and apparently fiance  was married to Rebecca Metcalfe the mother of his two-year-old son with whom he was planning to meet this weekend to talk about their future together as a family.

Whatever the relationship Rigby and Aimee had, she was inconsolable when she arrived at the scene where Lee’s life was taken from him. Aimee arrived with flower bouquet attached was a note that reads..

To The One I Love..

My gorgeous, wonderful, loving fiance, You will always have my heart and I know you will always be my guardian angel watching over me.

Rest in peace baby. All my love forever ad ever, your Princess XXXX

22-year-old Aimee West from Feltham, west London the daughter of Lis and Paul West of Warrington was serving with the the Royal Military Police in Helmand. She met Lee two years ago thru mutual friend while he was based at barracks in Hounslow, he had recently proposed to her.

“Lee was the love of my life. I don’t know how I can go on without him.” Aimee West told a friend.

Aimee was seen wearing her engagement ring, the ring that friends said they are she will ever take it off.

Since she was a young cadet all she wanted to do was be in the Army and they shared that same love together.

“On New Year’s Eve they went to Weymouth with their friends for a fancy dress party and they had a great time. But then she had to go to Afghanistan.

“They have been in regular contact with each other while she was away. She was in a terrible state when she was told about Lee. That visit to Woolwich was so important.”

On the day Lee was killed Aimee was watching the news about the tragedy from Afghanistan, she feared the worst when she could reach Lee..

“She got on the phone straight away when she saw the body.

“Then it all went into lockdown and there was no more communication — no one knew what was going on. Arrangements were made pretty quickly to repatriate her.

“Aimee has been given compassionate leave and is staying with her mum. They were dating about a year. She thought the world of Lee and I think she’d like to tell the world what a great bloke he was.”

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