Adam Scott’s Wife Naomi Sablan

Naomi Sablan

Naomi Sablan is the stunning wife of TV and film actor, Adam Scott -whom you may recognize best for his roles on the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation.

Naomi’s husband is also a producer, comedian and podcaster. Some of his most recent work includes the HBO hit series, Big Little Lies; in which Scott plays the role of Reese Witherspoon’s husband, Ed Mackenzie.
He will appear next in the upcoming series, Severance.

Scott and his wife have been together for over a decade and seem to have a solid relationship, that alone is to say a lot in the entertainment industry.
Let’s find out more about his lovely wife, Naomi Sablan and their family life together.

Adam Scott Wife

In order to tell you about Adam Scott’s wife Naomi, we first need to talk about Naomi’s husband.

Naomi’s hubby has been in showbiz for a while. The 47-year-old actor starred as Henry Pollard on the short-lived Starz original series Party Down, and is perhaps best known for giving life to Ben Wyatt on the NBC series, Parks and Recreation.

Born in California on April 3, 1973; he trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and began acting in the 90’s. Since then, he’s been casted in countless films and TV shows.

In one of his early prominent TV roles, he played the character Griff Hawkins in four episodes of the series Boy Meets World from 1994 to 1995.

He’s also played roles in a number of films, including Krampus, Knocked Up, Step Brothers, Our Idiot Brother, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Black Mass.

Other notable movies and television shows in which Adam has appeared include The Aviator, Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, The Disaster Artist and Step Brothers.

Adam also co-created and became co-host of the podcast U Talkin’ U2 To Me? alongside his friend Scott Aukerman. A second and third podcast was produced by the two in the same format. Discussion about bands, U2, R.E.M, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Talking Heads; serves as jumping off point for improv and humor.
He’s also been invited on numerous podcasts including How Did This Get Made?, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and Armchair Expert.

In addition to his career in entertainment, he is also a happily married man. He and wife Naomi Sablan who now goes as Naomi Scott, met while they were in their early 20’s.

adam scott wife,naomi scott husband,Naomi Sablan

According to online sources, the two were first introduced at a Sunset Boulevard bar. They hit it off, began dating and have been husband and wife since 2005.

The actor has complemented the lovely brunette before on social media captioning an image on IG

‘My wife @nfscott is brilliant, hilarious, & beautiful’

How Tall is Adam Scott?

The California native stands at 5ft 9 or 1.75m.
He’s been quoted however, stating during interviews that he is ‘Five-Ten’
Perhaps, he is joking?

Naomi Sablan Scott

adam scott wife,naomi scott husband,Naomi Sablan

Naomi is also linked to the entertainment business, the pretty brunette however, enjoys the behind the scenes work better. She is a writer and film and TV show producer.

Though she is widely recognized as her husband’s wife, she has certainly enjoyed her own success.

She began her career producing early internet chat shows. The TV & film producer and scriptwriter has also done some acting of her own.

Back in 2001 she served as a unit manager for the film, Kissing Jessica Stein. In 2003, she landed a role as an associate producer for the show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and she also worked as a segment producer. She later headed over to The Andy Milonakis Show where she worked as a producer for sixteen episodes between 2005 and 2006.
She also served as associate producer for The Greatest Event In Television History, Overnight and Fun Mom Dinner.

She produce her first full-length project, a special, Chrissy: Plain & Simple in 2007 before moving into movies with Alligator Boots in 2009 and The First A.D in 2011.
Naomi gained notoriety after The Greatest Event in Television History. She was actually included in the list of top ten producers by the Variety Magazine in 2015. She told Variety during an interview

“I’ve come to the realization that what I do is creative,” “It’s taken me a few years to acknowledge that without being embarrassed. I do think there’s an art to it.”

The couple established their own production company, Gettin’ Rad Productions in 2012; which is behind successful shows like The Greatest Event In Television History and Parks and Recreation. She and Adam produced a horror movie together called, Vulture.
The couple have sold two comedy projects, one to HBO and one to NBC, through their Gettin’ Rad Productions. The duo also is behind The Overnight, which premiered at the 2015’s Sundance Film Festival.

Though she is mainly known for her roles as a producer for a number of projects, she has dabbled in front of the camera a few times; first in the 2001 movie Kissing Jessica Stein and again in 2011 for an episode of Sadie J.

Among her celebrity friends, it is known that Naomi is close to Julie Rudd, wife of Paul Rudd. The two women even created a film “Fun Mom Dinner”, where Julie Rudd appeared as a screenwriter and Naomi served as a producer.

How Old Is Naomi Sablan?

Born Naomi Sablan on October 8, 1972; that makes her currently 48-years-old.

Naomi Sablan Ethnicity

Naomi Sablan, aka, Naomi Scott is an American woman. She was raised in California.
Unfortunately, not much information is available about her childhood and parents.

Naomi Sablan Adam Scott Kids

In addition to being a working wife, Naomi and her husband have also become parents. She and Adam Scott are the proud parents of a daughter named Frankie and a son named Graham.
She and Adam often attend different public events with their children.

adam scott wife,naomi scott husband,Naomi Sablan

Naomi Scott and her hubby are definitely defying the odds at married couples in Hollywood. They haven’t only managed to have successful careers, but have also built a beautiful family and have remained loyal to each other.

The lovely celebrity spouse and mother of two is a fan of social media. She has an active IG account with nearly a thousand images and nearly 800 followers.
That said, she prefers to leave the spotlight to her man as she enjoys a low and more private lifestyle, only sharing her activities with family and those closest to her. Her profile is currently set on private.

Find Naomi Scott on Instagram here.