Abbey Bowers- Indiana Paralyzed Hunter Tim Bowers’ Wife

abbey and tim bowers wedding pic


Abbey Logan Bowers is a young and pregnant widow. And so sad, as she is also a newly wed.

Her husband, Timothy Bowers, suffered a devasting hunting accident last Saturday. He fell from an elevated tree stand about 16 feet, and crushed numerous vertebrae that left him paralyzed from the shoulders down, and dependant on a ventilator to breathe.

Tim, who has a stepson, Greg Shively, had married Abbey just a few months ago, on August 3 of this year. He had previously talked with her and told her that he would never want to spend his life in a wheel chair.

On Sunday, in the hospital, Tim’s family requested that Tim be taken off sedation so that he could communicate his wishes to them. Having heard from Abbey what he had said before, they were pretty sure what he would say even though it meant he would never see his child.

His sister, Jenny Shultz told the story: “We asked him (after revealing doctor’s prognosis) Do you want this? He emphatically shook his head no.” The family spent the last hours of Tims life with him praying and singing hymns.

30-year-old Abbey is an artist and art teacher at Belmont Senior High School, and she studied art and education at IUPUI. She was born on August the fifth in 1983, in Decatur Indiana where she has lived all her life. Her parents, Greg and Gina Logan, will be a great support to her in this terrible time. As will Tim’s family.

Our sympathy goes to this young widow, her son and unborn child, and we hope that life will become sweet for them again.