Gene Gotti’s Wife Rosalie Gotti

Rosalie Gotti

Rosalie Gotti is the wife of Mobster Gene Gotti –a major drug trafficker with the Gambino crime family.

Rosalie’s husband was locked up for 29 years for running a multi-million-dollar heroin distribution ring alongside his brother, John Gotti. He was released last September.

Gene Gotti whose brother John, once ran the crime family –is described as the heir, the next in line to be boss. Is it a coincidence then that roughly six months after his release, the former Gambino boss, Frank Cali, has been killed?

Gotti who grew up along parents John and Fannie Gotti and four siblings John, Richard, Peter and Vincent, in Brooklyn –became involved whit the Gambino family in the late 60’s.

Rosalie Gotti

According to mobs rules, the now 71-year-old Gene Gotti is entitled to a senior role within the Gambino family. As a “made man”, who was a mob captain before being jailed, he made billions under the reign of the Teflon Don. Gene was infamously caught blabbing over telephones tapped by the FBI, which recorded him describing his older brother as a ”powerhouse captain” about three years before John allegedly took over the Gambinos by ordering the 1985 assassination of boss Paul “Big Paul” Castellano outside Sparks Steak House in Manhattan.

Is not clear if Gotti will demand that he resume his role as a “capo” or even insist on a higher rank.

Gene is currently living with his wife, Rosalie in their home in Valley Stream, Long Island.

The two have been married for decades and are the parents of three adult children. They are also grandparents to at least eight grandchildren.

70-year-old Rosalie Gotti can also be found as Rosalie Golti and Rosalie Golti Massari.