Jay Hernandez’s Wife Daniella Deutscher

Daniella Deutscher

Daniella Deutscher is the stunning wife of Latino actor, Jay Hernandez –who is currently playing Thomas Magnum on “Magnum P.I.”

Daniella’s husband is well known for roles on “Hang Time” and “Suicide Squad” and got the role of the CBS reboot earlier this year. There has been a lot of talking on the fact that the leading man is Latino but the 40-year-old is thrilled with the opportunity.

The California native was born February 20th, 1978 and was discovered by talent manager in an elevator in Los Angeles. He began his career as a model and later transitioned to acting.

He made his TV debut in NBC’s Hang Time and became known for his role in the 2001 film Crazy/Beautiful next to Kirsten Dunst. He played Paxton in Hostel and Jake in Quarantine. He also had a role on the short-lived television show Six Degrees from 2006 to 2007; and appeared in the 2010 film, Takers, alongside Idris Elba. But perhaps Hernandez is best known for his roles in the 2016 films Suicide Squad and Bad Moms.

Daniella Deutscher

He has been a happily married man since 2006, when he tied the knot to his Hang Time costar, Daniella Deutscher.

Daniella Deutscher also an actress, portrayed Hang Time hottie Julie Connor –the talented transfer student who got to prove herself as the only lady on the boys basketball team. The show aired on NBC from 1995 through 2000, and Deutscher was one of the only cast members who lasted the entire run, while Hernandez appeared on the sitcom from 1998 through 2000.

Deutscher is a Montana native who was born October 4, 1975 as Daniella Maria Deutscher.

In addition to Hang Time, Daniella appeared in a TV film, Special Forces, a guest role on Las Vegas, and a part on failed TV pilot Aquaman in 2006. Since then, it appears she’s become a dedicated wife appearing next to her man on red carpet events. The couple however keeps a low profile.

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