Kim Wall’s Boyfriend Oddur Stefánsson?

Oddur Stefánsson

Oddur Stefánsson is believed to be the boyfriend of missing Swedish journalist, Kim Wall –who was last seen onboard the Nautilus Submarine along with owner and well known inventor, Peter Madsen.

The famous inventor came forward with the death of Miss Wall, after being rescued from his now sunk submarine.

Oddur’s girlfriend was a 30-year-old Swedish born who was first reported missing by her boyfriend. Wall who wrote for several international publications, embarked in what should have been a short trip on the UC3 Nautilus submarine with the task of writing a story on it.

Kim Wall is survived by her mother, Ingrid Wall, her father Joachim Wall and one brother, Tom Wall.

Oddur Stefansson last heard from his fellow journalist girlfriend on August 10th. He contacted police after she failed to return home.

Kim Wall had written for the New York Times, Guardian, Vice and the South China Morning Post. Her job took her to different places around the world. In her most recent Facebook post, she wrote she was in Cuba and had written a story on hard drives.


Oddur Stefansson is a native of Oslo, Norway; he is an International Affairs Columnist, currently employed by Kjarninn –since last September. He writes on international politics with a particular focus on emerging countries, international trade, and the EU.


According to his LinkedIn, he obtained his high school diploma from Oslo Katedralskole. From 2007 until 2010 he attended University of Iceland where he gained a BA in political science. He studied International Relations for a year at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Oddur also holds a Master of Public Administration, Economic and Political Development from Columbia University.

Prior to his current job, he was a consultant at The Arctic Circle and has also worked for OnFrontiers in New York City and China.

Oddur Stefansson and Kim Wall were friend in Facebook and photos from his social media show he and Kim had met, at least since 2013.

Find Oddur Stefansson on Twitter here.