10 Facts About Robert Gala FDNY EMT You need to know About

Robert Gala

Robert Gala is the Emergency Medical Technician who allegedly received ‘preferential treatment’ after charges were dismissed.

It seems illogical that Gala, who has a history of blowing off 911 calls and has been arrested at least 3 times impersonating a cop, would still be on payroll.

Find below ten facts about Robert Gala.

Robert Gala

#1 His father is a top FDNY official

25-year-old FDNY Emergency Medical Technician Robert Gala is the son of Chief of Personnel Michael Gala.

#2 Robert has been arrested in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Robert received two summonses in Brooklyn on Nov. 27, 2012. Robert was also arrested Jan. 3, 2013, on a charge of criminal impersonation. At the time reports said he faced charges of possession of a forged instrument and criminal impersonation charges.

#3 His charges were dismissed

The charges in 2012, were both dismissed on Feb. 14, 2013, records show.  The criminal impersonation charge was also dismissed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office four days later.

#4 He was suspended

Following the arrests, Gala was suspended; at the time police found in his possession Gala allegedly had two air pistols, five “police-style shields.

#5 A lawyer claims Robert Gala received “preferential treatment”

Attorney Peter Gleason, who represents firefighters in disciplinary cases, questioned whether the FDNY overlooked the arrests in hiring Robert Gala.

#6 Robert Gala made over 30k last year

Despite his arrests and consequent suspension Robert earned last year $31,931 as a department EMT.

#7 His father attacked attorney Gleason

Chief Gala defended his son over the phone by attacking attorney Peter Gleason and said “He’s got a grudge against me and he wants to come after my family”

#8 Robert Gala violated FDNY rules

Last year, while treating a patient, Robert left an injured child to wait for another ambulance, a clear violation of FDNY rules.

#9 He crashed his ambulance

According to reports back in 2014, Robert crashed an ambulance into a school bus.

#10 He ‘liked’ pretending to be a cop

Sources close to Gala said he has a fetish with police paraphernalia and that he liked to pretend to be a cop.