10 Facts About Big Brother Contestant JC Mounduix

JC Mounduix

JC Mounduix is a Big Brother contestant who is being accused of sexual harassment while on the show. Funny thing is, neither producers nor his cast mates have done anything to let him know he is crossing the line.

JC has been called out by fans of the show who began tweeting about his inappropriate behavior. Mounduix allegedly tried to get a few of his female cast mates to ‘open’ their private parts using an ice cream scooper! Get to know 10 facts about the BB contestant below.

JC Mounduix

#1 He has a day and night job

Outside of the BB house, JC is a professional dancer and event promoter. His gig as a large-scale event planner keeps JC busy; he attends all kinds of events, whether it’s an award show for ****ographic movies or promoting his own performances in Hollywood –he certainly leads a fast paced lifestyle.

#2 He is as wild in real life

Outlets seem to concur on JC’s lifestyle as something he is real about. His social media showcases all of his different travels and appearances around the world and seems to be as energetic inside the house.

#3 He is short

JC himself calls himself on Twitter “I’m prolly one of the shortest models/dancers in the world. and hey… I’m ok with that” He is 4 feet 8 inches tall.

#4 He stood out from the beginning

Some fans may be disappointed in JC’s behavior since he was one of the favorites since before the show aired. Right after the cast was announced for season 20th of Big Brother, JC was among the contestants that stood out.

#5 His parents are actually from Europe

On his BB bio, JC says he was born in Cuba, but that’s because his parents who are originally from Spain had moved there for work. He made his way into the U.S. –first living in Miami and now lives in L.A.

#6 He likes men  

Though JC tried to touch his cast mates in an inappropriate way, he is actually attracted to men. He revealed that fact about himself during an interview when asked if there was any possibilities for a ‘showmance’

#7 He has a ‘short fuse’ when it comes to his height

JC has also talked about his height revealing he was nearly fired in the middle of a dance performance, allegedly because someone said something about his height.

#8 He is not looking for love on TV

JC also revealed before going inside the BB House that he is not interested in a romance and revealed he plans to be focus strictly on the game

#9 JC had a strategy to become the season’s winner

JC revealed that despite being an energetic person who loves to talk, he plans on trying to be really quiet and helpful so that he can fly under the radar until the end saying “I am going to be the sweetest small guy that everyone would want to hug and kiss.”

#10 He likes theme parks

On his BB bio, JC reveals he enjoys going to the gym, watching movies, and going to theme parks.