Tariqka Sheffey- Fort Carson Soldier who bragged about Avoiding Flag Salute

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Meet member of the 59th Quartermaster Company, 43rd Sustainment Brigade at Fort Carson, Colo. Tariqka Shavayle Sheffey. She is the 25-year-old female soldier who posted a pic of herself avoiding the flag salute! Talking about being indiscrete!

Online outrage was what she got after posting the selfie with the caption

“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag,”

According to reports, the U.S. Army soldier is in hot water for snapping a selfie and boasting about hiding in her car to avoid saluting the flag. So, like the song goes, where is the love? Soldiers are supposed to not only pay their respects to a sacred symbol but ultimately feel the love for a country they are fighting for, right?

Was the mother of one and Army Soldier just too tired to salute her flag? She added to the notorious snap



Sheffey has been accused of liberalism


Among other negative comment on the web, including Facebook users

“Any soldier who refuses to salute the flag is in the military for the wrong reason, and should be removed by dishonorable discharge with loss of all benefits,”

According to her Facebook she went to school at UMUC Asia, Japan and has also lived in Dallas, NC and Gastonia, NC.

Unfortunately this is not the first time Tariqka is been in trouble, in 2011 she was arrested, see her mug-shot below.


And what is worse, she is now facing calls for her removal. A Fort Carson spokesman revealed that an investigation into the posting of the image is underway, do you think she should be fired from her post? Is it necessary? We think it was just one mistake in contrast with the service she has provided for the country. Sheffey even tried to apologized posting a video on Instagram, saying

“I seriously just want to say thank you to everybody who stood up to me today, like seriously. That s–t to me was not serious. I am not a disrespectful soldier, and I really appreciate you all,”

Find her on Facebook, here. Don’t miss her video below, losing a challenge!

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  1. This Ghetto Heffer needs to be Court Martialed and Stripped of her Rank & Benefits. What a Huge Disregard for The Flag and the Men & Women that have been Killed, Wounded and Bled for Her. But then Again she’ll probably be promoted cause if Barry had a daughter…Hell even he avoid’s Saluting the Flag.

    • Al Garabedian says:

      She should be deployed first to Iraq so she will develop a respect for our flag, then when she returns to our country she should get dishonorably discharged. Little punks like this need to be taught a lesson in respect since their parents were too lazy to do themselves. Either her parents were too high or drunk all the time to actually raise her.

      • John says:
        February 28, 2014 at 12:30 pm. John…that’s a great point. If she were at another country, whether it be a third world, that would NOT put up with that…they would have killed her!
        If you join the US Military and that’s your attitude towards the flag, what says of her attitude of the country she lives so freely in and which she raises her daughter in. That kind of disrespect can only be passed on to her daughter. What kind of attitude does she have of her peers.
        She should be made an example of for all to think twice before acting on such unnecessary behavior. It so DISRESPECTFUL for her to display that when good people died for our great flag. I enjoyed my service with the Marines serving this great country of ours. I met my wife in the service and my kids now serve and son is serving abroad.
        She’s now frantically scrambling to make things right, now that a dishonorable discharge is a possibility.
        Next time, take your sorry a.. and place in front of that flag and think about the meaning of that flag and what it stands for. J…a…

    • Pacer-6 says:

      As a retired First Sergeant (E-8) who has led soldiers in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan I think people are overreacting to what this PFC did. She is a young soldier and did what young soldiers commonly do. If she were an NCO or an Officer it would be different. At worst she should receive UCMJ (Article 15) with reduction to E-2 , restriction and forfeiture of one months pay. Not just for hiding in her car but for being dumb enough to post it on the Internet and brag about it. Her actions show poor judgement. That being said what PFC in the Army is fully mature and doesn’t make mistakes? She could be as young as 19. Young soldiers do silly things and they learn by their mistakes. For those who have never served in the military young soldiers are always looking for ways to beat the system or win little indepence victories (they are still adjusting to life in the military) and on any given day quite a few soldiers duck inside or hide in thier cars during Reveille or Retreat to the Colors just to avoid standing and saluting in the sun, rain, cold. It’s actually a pretty common occurance.

      • leon hickey jr says:

        you are a a** **** to say she is 19years old they make mistake .my brother was 19 year old guess what he was doing at 19 year old in 1966 in Vietnam fighting for his flag . just walking along in the jungle of Vietnam , the 173 and all his army buddy and just that quick they being killed by the vietcongs 9 to 1 my brother and 4 other //// now remember what you said she is 19 year old they make mistake for not saluting the American flag this make,s mesick she is sitting back in her car and saying this is me in my car I don,t fell like saluting my flag well my brother in 1 16 1966 decided the only way that some his buddy,s would have a chance //you see a Vietcong bunker was zero on them was to advance on that bunker to put it out you see the little assholes in that bunker was just enjoying senting those americam back to the united ststes in body bags well by brother and 4 other soldiers took that Vietcong bunker and they killed every one in there but wait they was a price .I was 13 year old and my brother was my hero I love him so much so my mom dad brother,s sisters me we went and see my brother and guess where we were //now remebber the American flag we walk in a room and there was a casket with the American flag on it .it was roll up only half way . so I walk over there at 13 year old crying sick in my stomach and I looked down and saw my hero my brother that the last time I saw was young good looking joy to go fight for his country look horrible laying there you could see where the Vietcong had shot him through the neck believe me at 13 year old I saw that you see the casket had glass so you could touch him you could see him but you could kiss him or nothing my mom which is a gold star mom would had held my brother in her arms but the look ON JR FACE WAS SO SHOCKING MY GOD HE WAS DOING THIS FOR HIS FLAG TO PUT THAT VIETCONG BUNKER OUT SO SOME OF THE OTHER GUY,S MAYBE MAYBE MAKE IT OUT OF THERE SO THEY COULD LIVE.WE NEED TO RESPECT THE AMERICAN FLAG.

      • Just call me Joe says:

        Pacer-6 very well said and it’s clear that Leon Hickey was never in the military. Yes the young lady made a mistake and should not be dammed to hell for it. I grew up in a military family and worked in the mess halls. Do you know how many soliders dam near broke their neck to elude Reveille in the morning. And by no means did that suggest any less love for their country. This young soldier does as many young people do, put all their business on social media. Silly mistake, but we clearly know she will become a better soldier and hopefully have a successful career in the military.

  2. Jambes Marks says:

    Hey, you can take the b****** out of the ‘hood, but you can’t take the ‘hood out of the b*****

  3. Shoot the piece of s***. People die while she sits on her fat a[***. REMF.

  4. This is the type of people that are being considered for serving in the infantry. Our military is becoming another way to support idiots.

    • dishonorable discharge would not be enough for this ungrateful slug. suck off of the government while her fellow soldiers are being killed for our country, so parasites like her can have her nails did and her bad weaves. she cannot come up with an apology good enough to take this back. put her back in the 50’s and see what she likes better! sorry excuse for a human! I could go on and on and on……..

  5. Guys, guys, you’re missing something important here. The article says she tried to appologize…….
    However the author of this article seems to have failed to read it correctly and notice that this snotty upstart was saying ‘thanks’ to all the other r-tards who supported her rebellious decision

  6. This young lady made a mistake, we all have as young people. She will learn from this, as for now her Leaders need to initiate some extra training in Drill and Ceremony. She also need a lesson in Army Public Affairs in regards to her Instagram posts. To crucify her in the media is senseless, so teach her, provide direction to her, maybe she will feel the remorse all of those who commented would want her to admit to instead of her going on the defensive because of the stones being thrown.

    • Doug, she also repeated the “mistake”. See it here: http://rare.us/story/soldier-tariqka-sheffeys-army-selfie-wasnt-a-first-but-it-should-be-the-last/

      She doesn’t just deserve that dishonorable or bad conduct discharge, she’s begging for it. If she actually posted an apology, even if not sincere, her as would probably be doing EMI or at worst, non judicial punishment and reduction in rank. She didn’t. As another stated, she didn’t apologize, she thanked everybody who supported her actions in the first place. She obviously doesn’t have the moral integrity to remain in the Army. This isn’t about avoiding evening retreat. It’s about being stupid and not owning up to it.

    • Well said Doug. The Army has invested quite a bit of money and manpower to train her up to this point. I remember back in the 80’s when I served all Privates were pretty much considered stupid (well maybe not stupid but certainly green and having a lot to learn still) In my day when a Private or anyone did something stupid like this you got to do alot of push ups and extra duty and usually had to go in front of the unit and explain the importance of doing right the thing that you did wrong. That is the way to go here. Put her in an army hospital taking care of wounded warriors for awhile I think her attitude would change greatley.

  7. i am a retired us army soldier and wanted to comment on this story people are bashing this woman
    for posting a pic of her avoiding the salute maybe early in the morning or late in the evening but most soldiers know this is not a new accurance its common at every base every single day most get off work at 16:30 and so many try to beat the connon fire cause it may be standard and customs in military to salute the flag as required but it is also annoying to most so people especially soldiers need to stop pretending that its something new she is just to first to get cought and bring it to light but this has been going on for years and if your a soldier you know exactly what im talking about yes its wrong and we all know it extra duty and article 15 reduction in rank and cut in pay for three months as standard punishment and it will still not stop its still going to be annoyng after a long day of work especially when you have kids at home waiting for you just cause one avoids one salute does not mean they do it every time maybe it was a one time thing who knows media wont say that thye just tell you her infraction and want us to believe she does it every single day all the time lets not forget the salute chute how annoying is that for officers its when soldiers stager themselves at least 6 paces apart just to get an officer to render numerous salutes in a row as he/she walks bye them
    salute rendered is a salute retuned punisher her or smack her hand and tell her dont do it again and move on its not that big of a deal it happens allot 20 years in us military i seen it so much another thing people do is when they know the flag cerimony is about to hapen the dart in the first building they can find so they are not obligated to salute that happens with all ranks its not worth discharge or even arrest jesus she reports to her first sgt and takes her punishment like a soldier you guys want her out what if she has kids what will she do then go on welfare and take more tax payer money come on she might be soldier of the year next year or become an offficer its not that big of a deal

    • leon hickey jr says:


  8. sgt jerome lennon USA vet says:

    I truly believe that this is the type of people being recruited into todays military , all they want is to receive a check, and could care less about why they are serving in the first place. most of thease young people dont care about any one or, anything but themselves. I think this young lady should be dishonorably discharged from service. she has shown where her honor is… in her car !!!!

    • nursesunshine says:

      This is the kind of person being recruited, serving and dying for our country too. Not all service members are squared away, straight edged and well mannered. I could tell you stories of the things I’ve heard an seen in my time that makes her look smart and sensible. Truth is there are plenty of good people in the military, but like the rest of society there are also lots of idiots at every turn. In the military we have what’s good and bad about America condensed on bases and posts. I think she should be punished to include reduction in rank and forfeiture of pay. Maybe made to salute the flag for an hour every other hour for a week or be present of morning and evening colours 7 days a week for the rest of the year. I didn’t get the full story at first and I just yelled, kick her out with a dishonourable discharge. Then I read the story and I thought of all the people who avoid colours. Her mistake was being dumb enough to brag about what many service members, junior, senior, enlisted to officers do. If we kicked out every idiot the ranks would be thin and the last time I checked there isn’t a pool of healthy Mensa members with good morals jumping to enlist and commission.

  9. Shawn Gillison says:

    I’ll tell you why i don’t care anymore. The military across the board has lost it’s values.They letting everybody and everyone join just to fill a quota. It’s not about getting the best of the best anymore. I was once Active Duty Navy, so I know what I’m talking about. The people who do want to serve with honor they kick out due to over manning, and the shit bags they keep in. So at the end of the day fuck it now, This is what the goverment wanted. I’m pretty sure if WWIII broke out, a lot of these currant military member will be shaking in their boots.

  10. jeff ircink says:

    get her outta the service. we don’t need dolts protecting this country.

  11. K Adrian US Army Vet says:

    I know everyone is yelling court martial her give here a dishonorable lock her up. There are only two options, One is to give here a less than honorable discharge, which will forever bar here from any benefits or student loans, #2 Give her an article 15 with loss of pay for 90 days, loss of her rank and 60 days in confinement, then a other than honorable discharge. What this woman did would have disgusted my father who was a proud WWII veteran and it disgust me as well. I was the 6th generation of my family to serve and it is one thing to say we serve so others can express their views, however when you are in the military it is your job to be of the highest standards and respect for country. This less than human failed on this in a major way and to do anything less than dismiss here is wrong.

  12. Mike R USAF Vet says:

    Unfortunately, this young lady’s values and the US military don’t align and this isn’t the first time she’s demonstrated that. It’s time to make an example and it seems she’s stepping up. She needs to be busted out of the service, given a Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions and allowed to go her own way. With the poor attitude she exudes, her life is going to be all the payback anyone could wish upon her.

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