Ann McGregor is Glee actor Cory Monteith’s Mother

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Cory Monteith mom Ann McGregor

We are sadden to hear about the sudden and tragic death of 31-year-old Cory Monteith, the handsome Canadian musician and actor who since 2009 has been starring as Finn Hudson in Fox’ television series Glee. Cory is survived by his father Joe Monteith, brother Shaun and his beloved mother Ann McGregor.

Cory Monteith blessed the lives of those who knew him for 31 magical years, as you can imagine for a mother to lose her son in tragic no matter the circumstances of his death. Ann McGregor had two sons from her marriage to Joe Monteith, her eldest son  Shaun, 34 and Cory.

Her sons were just two little boys ages 10 and 7 when she and Joe got divorce, she took her sons to live with her in Victoria, British Columbia, things with her youngest didn’t go well, he began to resent the absence of his father and the straight A’s student began to use drugs and alcohol, eventually he quit school at the age of 15, his addiction was consuming him.

Ann didn’t just stood there and watch her son destroyed his life, so along  some of their closest friends she staged an intervention, Cory began a rehab program at 19 and by 2011 her son finally got his high school diploma.

Cory was found dead at his room on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel on Vancouver’s waterfront at about noon Saturday after  he failed to check out, police officers said Cory had been dead for several hours when he was found, no foul play is suspected, an autopsy is scheduled for Monday.

Cory’s 62-year-old mother Ann McGregor was born on May 01, 1951 in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Ann studied at Sudbury Secondary School and then studied to an interior decorator at Camosun College. Besides decorating Ann McGregor worked at Creating Homefulness – Woodwynn Farms.

Ann describes herself on Twitter as..

“Canadian mom, actor mom, designer/decorator,dancer, supporter of Woodwynn Therapeutic Farm in BC, and Close To Home(support for loved ones of people in need).”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to her throughout this terrible time.

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  1. Dear Mrs Ann McGregor, I am so sorry for your loss :( I feel your pain :((( I also lost my child right when she came out of rehab. Please tell me which rehab your son went to? Please! God help us all parents & gives us strength…..

  2. Dear Mrs Ann McGregor, I am so sorry for your loss I feel your pain you need to understand that joe monteith shoul’have been there to say his goodbyes he didn’t want his son to be creamed he wanted a casket than a creamtion. I am so sorry ann but corey is not your son his really name is corey allen monteith and joe married Yyett and both of them are monteith Yyett is corey biolgical mother and corey is your stepson

  3. What kinda parent are you you are Corey Monteith’s Step Mother and you should have been their to support him through is and Corey never want anyone to help him in corey past he just want to be left alone and didn’t want his father and his real mother to know what’s going on with him He simply should’ve said daddy and mommy I really want to talk you about something corey took it really hard when he’s father left and abandan him while corey hard while real mother was in bed crying really hard when joe decided to leave her for another woman who he doesn’t know at all I believe you have a sister and she got pregnant with her son corey and you got pregnant and you’re son Sean McGregor and might wanna know if he’s doing drugs or not wake up woman you better get help or better off in a insituation and realize you need to turn yourself around you are a sick person

  4. Oops Corey took it really hard when he’s real mother was in bed crying really when joe decided to leave her for another woman

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