Madison Holleran- Penn Track & Field Student Jumped to her death

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Madison Holleren penn state picture

A sad story hit us today when we heard of the tragic death of a beautiful Track & friend student at  the University of Pennsylvania who jumped to her death from a city building, Madison Holleran was 19. She is survived by her parents Stacy and James Holleran, and her 4 siblings.

Madison Holleran bio

19-year-old Madison Stacy Amelia Holleran from Allendale, New Jersey was a freshman Madison  at the University of Pennsylvania and a star athlete at Penn’s track & field team, she was the eldest daughter of James K. Holleran, 52 and Stacy Holleran, 51, a Southern Illinois University graduate and tennis instructor. Maddie has four siblings, sister Carli, Ashley, Brendan and Mackenzie.

Madison Holleran fatherMadison Holleran mother StacyMadison Holleran brotherMadison Holleran sisters

Madison graduated last year from Northern Highlands Regional High School where she was Captain of both track and soccer teams, Madison received Indoor Track Athlete of the Year by The Record and Varsity Aces Spring Athlete of the Season and had  the Record Indoor Track Athlete of the Year.

Madison Holleren penn state picMadison Holleren penn state track and field picture

No one suspected Madison was depress even less that she would attempt to harm herself, just an hour before her death, she posted a picture of Rittenhouse Square on Instagram.

Madison Holleren penn state


Madison Holleran jumped off a parking garage at 1501 Spruce St. in an area known as Center City. She was pronounced dead at the scene about 7 p.m. Friday night.

Madison Holleren penn state track and field photoMadison Holleran death scene pic Madison Holleran death scene

Some people wondered about the possible motives for Ms. Holleran’s death, she was a dear girl, with tons of friends, she had just began  her freshman year at the College of Arts and Sciences at  Penn, had a promising future in athletics and what about problems with her boyfriend? She had pictures of her with many guys, one with Rudy Mamaran on her Twitter profile.

Madison Holleran Rudy Mamaran picMadison Holleran Rudy Mamaran picsMadison Holleran Rudy Mamaran

so far  we have been told she didn’t have a boyfriend but tons of female and male friends who are mourning for their dear friend. Greg Stutman who dated Madison in High School changed his profile Facebook photo after he heard about Madison’s death.

Madison Holleran boyfriend Greg StutmanMadison Holleran boyfriend Greg StutmansGreg Stutman Madison Holleran boyfriend

Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Madison Holleran’s family and friends, throughout this terrible time.


Maddie’s dad James said his daughter was going thru a lot of stress after she graduated from high School and was already seeing a therapist. Mr. Holleran added that Madison left a suicide note and gifts for her family, but refused to said what she said in the note or what were the gifts she left for them.

“At the end of high school and going to Penn she was the happiest girl on the planet. It was easy for her in high school. There was a lot more pressure in the classroom at Penn. She wasn’t normal happy Madison. Now she had worries and stress,”

“My daughter’s stress was self induced, and although we had started her in therapy to address her issues, she hid the severity of those issues from everyone.”

“We knew she needed help. She knew she needed help. She had lost confidence in academics and she also lost confidence in her track abilities,” said James, who encouraged his daughter Friday to make an appointment with a therapist who could prescribe her anti-depressant medication. I was worried about her so I texted her that she needed to see the therapist. She said she would,”

Madison Holleran Facebook page is here, Twitter here .

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  1. Could it be then the unrelenting pressure of attaining perfection, looking the part, being the part, academically, athletically that may have brought Madison Holleran to despair as she was seen as infallible despite increasing feelings of self doubt and perhaps reticence of continually being in the spotlight?

    Did it have to take Madison’s death before her humanity was noted….?

  2. Should have tried getting a real BF, instead of whoring around like a dumb bimbo :(

    oh well, there’s always the NEXT TIME !

    • Are you kidding me? How about you take your disgraceful and unwanted opinion elsewhere. She was a beautiful girl loved by everyone and for you to have the NERVE to write something badly about her on an article that is mourning her… that is simply atrocious. I hope you have the ability to become a better person one day because the type of person you are now needs some serious help. Never speak badly about her again she was truly one of a kind and deserves so much better than what people like YOU have to say.

    • Hallu, never speak in a negative way about the dead. It is disrespectful and makes you look small and ignorant.

    • lindsey says:

      you are a disgusting excuse for a human being Hallu. keep hiding behind that computer screen, your f***g loser.

    • Disgusted says:

      T o HALLU: Great thinking Genius! Sure the boyfriend would have saved her life!! These are children for God’s sake….they do not know themselves..they are still developing from a cognitive standpoint. I feel sad for you. You must be a really damaged human being to call a deceased person names. I feel sad for you and for the society that has to deal with individuals like you. Animals like you with no conscience.

  3. i didn’t know her, but found out about her on instagram. the story is heartbreaking! she’s so beautiful and is such a good athlete.. why would she suicide ;( it makes me sad. rip madison

  4. It’s funny how we hear about the perfect and beautiful females that commit suicdie but rarely talk about those who are just as intelligent and athletically capable ones that are lacking in the looks department. I’m not saying that I don’t feel for her family or her death which was caused by stress, but I can’t seem to sympathize with somebody committing suicide because they were extremely stressed and unable to live up to the expectations people had for them. If she committed suicide because she felt like a failure or letting her parents down after getting into college, then I can’t help but feel bad for her family having to go through the pain of actually losing their daughter, which is insensitive on her part because she chose the easy way out by ending her life and leaving her family with the pain of losing her for the rest of their lives. The world population on this planet is roughly 6 billion people, of the six billion, I’m guessing at least 1 billion have either gone through the same stress she experienced if not worse. I’m not going to use the Africa cliche because that has nothing to do with this article, but lets look a little closer to home and ask ourselves why the poor and homeless Americans don’t commit suicide even when they know they could just end it all by killing themselves. I’m going to give her the benefit of doubt that she committed suicide because she felt she let her parent down or she was extremely stressed causing her to become depressed. Nothing aggravates me more than seeing a person who is given everything (she clearly worked for it, but you know what I mean) but decides to throw it all away leaving their families with the lifelong pain and agony of losing her. I apologize if anyone is offended by this, but I had to say what I felt was the sad truth, even if it isnt the politically correct thing to say.

    • Your response is very common among the population.
      “You have such a privileged life, why are you sad?” “There’s people in Africa who are starving to death, YOU have no right to be sad” “How dare you say you’re depressed? There’s people who don’t have homes, or food, or shelter, or family.”

      It seems illogical, almost stupid, that people who live these blessed lives get depressed. But that is what depression does. That is why it is a MENTAL ILLNESS. Depression does not discriminate between the homeless and the rich, the ugly and the beautiful, the failing and the gifted. I’m glad you have never personally experienced depression, and I hope you never do. But never say what you just expressed to people who are struggling with their mental health. It is never as black and white as it may seem to someone looking in from the outside.

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