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Dexter star Jennifer Carpenter has been secretly dating married singer of The Avett Brothers, 32-year-old Seth Avett, according to RadarOnline. Even though he is still married to wife Susan, Avett has been seeing 33-year-old Jennifer since 2011.

According to an insider close to the band, the two were involved in a long-time secret affair that ended up destroying his marriage.

“Shortly after Jennifer’s split with Michael, she began seeing Seth. She would fly all over to his concerts to be with him,” the source told Radar. “No one saw this affair coming from those closest to Seth, but he finally left his wife last winter to be with Jennifer.”

In an interview just 2 months ago, Seth’s wife Susan did not mention their separation. But on Tuesday he formally made the announcement on his band’s website.

“The affair was really hard on Susan, and even the band,” the source told Radar.

27-year-old Susan Kay Adkins Helfrich aka Susan Avett  married Seth in 2008. She is a victim advocate for Safe Alliance, which provides services to those victimized by sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence. According to her LinkedIn profile  Susan Avett was also assistant atAvett brothers inc.

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  1. Ophelia says:

    It’s really sketchy Seth. Very sketchy.
    What I don’t understand these days, is why couples don’t fight make it work.
    On my paternal side: grandparents been married over 60 yrs.
    Maternal side: grandparents been married 52 yrs.
    Why is it now, people give up? The first one, you’ll never find anyone like them; guys always think the grass is greener in these mid-life crises. My dad recently cheated on my mom after 30 yrs of marriage and it was so devastating and it’s still so fresh, I just can’t support this band anymore after years and years of support. Drug addiction: I’ve got your back, in jail: how can I help? Illness: I’ll be there every step of the way, cheating on spouse: unacceptable b/c the vows are before God and betrayal is just ugh. Maybe the rumors are not true but dating a hollywood celebrity is just gross. Sketchy Seth, sketchy. Susan is beyond beautiful and working in that area she was, wow. Man. It’s hard, life is so damn hard.

    • I can’t listen to thier music anymore- Marriage is hard once the haze of romance lifts and reveals a imperfect human. But the deepest intimacy we will ever know is when we hang in for the fight. Too bad Seth wasn’t man enough.

  2. Hope she got a big fat settlement.

  3. You all judge, but you know next to nothing. Look up “self-righteous”, then look up “shame”. You have much to learn.

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