Mary Davis/ Mary Beougher- Randy Travis’ Girlfriend

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Mary Beougher aka Mary Davis came to the public light as the other woman in the life of country music legend and actor Randy Travis. Back then she was just  Travis’ girlfriend, but that change when his rep. Kirt Webster said they are married and Mary is now Mary Travis!

Mary who is also 54-years-old the same age as her Grammy award winner lover was previously married to Dallas cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ritchie Beougher, the couple had two children together; daughter Cavanaugh and son Raleigh Davis Beougher.

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Mary was accused back in 2010 when she and the famous singer made their relationship public and even moved in together  at her place in Plano, Texas of braking the 19-year marriage of the singer and his former wife/manager Libby Hatcher. Mary and Randy met because her former husband Dr. Beougher happened to be Randy’s dentist!

According to various sources, the tawdry tale began when Randy took a walk with Mary while Libby’s teeth were being cleaned at Beougher’s swanky Willow Bend Dental clinic. Next thing you know, Libby had planted a spy camera on Randy’s tour bus and caught the cheating pair red-handed.

randy travis

54-year-old Mary Davis a mother of two Mary used to work as her dentist husband’s manager at Willow Bend Dental. She was born in 1959 and attended Plano Senior High School and Baylor University in Waco, TX. She has lived in Colorado Springs, CO from 2004 to 2012. Before that, she lived in Telluride, CO from 2008 to 2011.

Back then it was reported he persuaded Mary to kick her ex-husband out of their family home so he could move in and that he would marry her when he was finally single…so, what happened to the wedding plans??

Many thought Mary’s new beau was going through a late midlife crisis, and wrecked one of the most successful marriages in the music business but although they haven’t officially tied the knot the couple is still living together. Their most recent public appearance last month at the 2013 CMT Music Awards at Bridgestone Arena on June 5. randy travis lover Country singer Randy Travis has been hospitalized in Texas for complications from a recently contracted viral cardiomyopathy. Last August, the singer was arrested for driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, and obstruction, a felony while naked. Two weeks later, he was cited for assault after he allegedly participated in a fight in a church parking lot involving Mary and her former husband Dr. Ritchie Beougher.

But according to the singer’s Twitter account, he’d been performing regularly, and he was even nominated for a 2013 CMT Music Award. We are certain Mary is taking goof care of him.


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  1. Randy stopped drinking until he met Mary Beougher. His issues as of late have all been due to problems with her. After knowing her and her (still) husband for many years, I know first hand that she’s looking for money and fame. She wants her pictures posted wherever. This relationship isn’t out of love, it’s all about her. Randy’s a great man and deserves so much better. Hopefully he’ll heal, continue to sing and get rid of this black widow.

  2. D. Miller says:

    Speak my mind!!! This Mary Davis Beougher is by all counts the down fall of Randy Travis….Libby did so much for him (Kept him focused and aided him in his career and made him the star he is). Mary is a gold digger whom when see’s greener ($$$) pastures moves on! I still wonder about her spending habits (Quite over whelming if you check). Even the mystery fire at her home some say when she wanted new decor???
    His (Randy’s) actions since he and Libby’s breakup can tell the picture we have watched over the few years with the tyrant Mary Boohoo!!! Really everyone check the tyrant out and you will see what she is all about……Mary Boohoo is not well liked, it is plan and simple her way or the highway…Come on Randy wake up!!!!!

  3. Theresa Dalton Adkins says:

    I really lost a lot of respect for Randy Travis when he started to cheat on Lib Hatcher. I agree that Lib helped him in every way possible & Randy back stabbed Lib by cheating on her. He should beg to have his life back with a woman that truly loved him. I hate that he is having these medical problem, but, if he survives, I would love to see what woman would really be there for HIM, not his money.

  4. Karma is a b****, Randy. Wheras with you and Libby there’s a great age difference, the way you went about cheating on her–who by the way was your true love–is what brought you into the turmoil that you’re in now. Seems as if you and Mary called some of the problems on yourselves. Randy partly knows this which accounts for his drinking and, likely, has brought about his susceptibility to serious heart problem and stroke, too. You need to make it up to Libby, first off, and then get someone to live with that doesn’t steal from a family…Let this one go, she’s not good news.

  5. leslieD says:

    Everyone needs to read this–she is now mary davis–probably because she wants to be a clean slate and doesn’t want everyone to know all the dirt. Randy can be single or otherwise but it does seem like this woman is his downfall–get better and run randy run!

  6. Sonsetas says:

    She is as ugly as he is….

  7. JO MCDONALD says:

    Randy has lost his mind cheating on Lib, the person that made him the super star that he was until he hooked up with the money grabbing whore Mary. I wonder if Mary will stay with him now that times are really going to be rough. Lib would have, I hope Randy gets well, but I hope Lib is the one that really ends up on top and Mary is shown for what she is.

  8. God forgives and wipes are slate clean…passing judgement is as bad as him cheating…using your tongue to talk about how awful she is…if you read your Bible you can murder people with your mouth/your words. No sin is greater than any other just something to think about. No I don’t think I’m a super Christian I know I’m screwed up…but if we are ever going to change the world…we are going to have to lift each other up.

    • the deeper problems randy faced with libby may be the fact that she was much older than him and could never give him children of his own (just a thought) and by the way libby divorced her husband as well right after she moved randy into her and her husband’s home as an “innocent” means of “legal intervention” she knew she could bring fame and fortune their way and took advantage of randy’s voice right from the start as much as mary did!

  9. D. Miller says:

    Wow….why not get the facts first! Libby was married before Randy “Yes”…And her fist husband has nothing bad to say about her,. Elizabeth (Libby) is one of the most kind and giving souls ever put here! She did not use Randy in any way shape or form. Lib worked her self for many many years to build Randy’s career, without her we would not be enjoying Randy’s music today! And whats with the age thing with these two….look at others and maybe oneself, why should it be brought up so much? Randy was with Lib for many years before he chose to wed her (It did not seem to bother him or anyone then)! So lets get to the real problem and that is Mary Beougher Davis the tyrant and $$$ magnet…..she really chases the green backs don’t she. Well her ex is a handsome man, yet he tried to keep her spending down and she (Mary) caught Randy at a weak moment and he just happens to have a nice bank account. Now his health and mental state are at risk here….and Mary Boohoo has a drug and court record out there as well. So check the tyrant out and lets pray Randy comes to his senses real soon! So much more negative things on Ms. Boohoo, will wait to see how it turns when things really surface!!!

  10. And the plot will thicken!

  11. Having been a fan of Randy’s for almost 30 years, my heart aches for him and for the mess that befell him before he became sick. Obviously, he was dealing with some issues that he just could not conquer. My heart aches for Lib as well. I am sure that she thinks that the world of country music has turned their back on her. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Lib is NOT the one who has a criminal record for forging a prescription. Nor was she the one who was chasing a married man, all the while having children at home. Ruthie, since you reference the Bible above, you obviously know what a “harlot” is. Enough said.

    God speed, Randy! Your fans still love you! We love Lib as well . . .

  12. randy travis has a long road to go take time for the brain to heal up to 5 years.he needs prayer and the love of his fans who will be by his side all the way one step at a time.we will see how long
    mary will stay.why isnt randy at her home plano,tx? randy needs everyone to be strong and give him time to heal.God has plans for Randy to sing his songs to all his fans.Im sending you some of my garding angels to hole you in there wings until you are healed. mp

  13. Randy, We all are on your side in our prayers. I recently had brain surgery myself, so I know how it is to come back. It may take awhile but it will be all right. All in Gods time. Amen Betty Ohio by by whay of West Virginia .Ha ,.Ha.

  14. I think Mary and the kids are a drama llama for Randy and caused the problems he had with drinking/drugs or whatever to resurface.
    Mary’s son went mudding with the pickup truck that rolled over by walmart. I might be wrong but it is on his facebook page.
    Randy deserves better for sure. Mary likes the home shopping network too….lol

  15. mprollins says:

    i hope someone watching his money in his state of mind it is one sided mary side there are laws protecting people like randy she better be careful or she will in up in prison he w

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