Nadine Caridi Belfort “The Duchess”- Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife

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Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort ex wife pic

Nadine Caridi or Nadine Belfort who was also know as the Duchess of Bay Ridge  was played by Australian actress Margot Robbie in Martin Scorsese’s film The Wolf of Wall Street, was a  famous model, once married to Jordan Belfort who called her The Duchess Of Bay Ridge, it was after her that he called his luxurious yacht The Nadine.

Nadine Caridi Jordan Belfort ex wife photoNadine Caridi Jordan Belfort ex wife picturesNadine Caridi Jordan Belfort ex wife photos

The Nadine was originally built for Coco Chanel, now is rest in the button of the sea in the east coast of Sardinia, like Belfort’s yacht , his marriage to his sexy wife Nadine  Belfort sank off, drowned by his infidelities, drug abuse  and fraud.

Nadine Caridi was in her  twenties when she was introduce to Jordan Belfort by her then boyfriend  Alan Wilzig (pic below with Nadine)a former professional race car driver and former president of the Trust Company of New Jersey.

Nadine Caridi Alan Wilzig

Alan and Nadine had been dating for two years and were living together when he took her to Belfort’s 4th of July pool party in 1991 at the Hamptons, Belfort was married to his first wife Denise Lombardo.

Denise Lombardo Jordan Belfort first wife

Nadine and Belfort started an affair before he divorce Melissa and got married to Nadine in 1991 in the Caribbean. They had two children together daughter Chandler and son Carter.

Nadine Caridi Macaluso Jordan Belfort ex wife pic Fraudster, Jordan Belfort (R) with friends before a helicopter f

Like in the film Jordan kicked Nadine while he was carrying heir daughter before he crashed into a pillar inside their Long Island home with the little girl seating beside him. After that incident Nadine send him to rehab and then left him, the divorce was finalized in 2005. they live close to each other and get along just fine.

Nadine Caridi Belfort Jordan Belfort ex wife picNadine Caridi Jordan Belfort ex wife pics

51-year-old Nadine Ann Caridi was born in London and was raised in Bay Ridge, NY. She graduated from John Dewey High School and became a renowned model for Miller Lite in the 1990’s.

Nadine attended at Pacifica Graduate Institute where she got  her masters in Clinical Psychology, hopefully she will received her PhD in 2015. She got married to Wizard World, Inc’s CEO John Macaluso, 57, in Manhattan Beach with their children,

Nadine Caridi Macaluso husband John Macaluso children

Frankie, Nikki and Allie Macaluso, her son son Carter Belfort and daughter Chandler who lives in Allentown, Penn but visits them every time she gets.

Nadine Caridi Macaluso husband John Macaluso Nadine Caridi Macaluso Jordan Belfort ex wife picture  Nadine Caridi Macaluso Jordan Belfort ex wifeNadine Caridi Macaluso Jordan Belfort ex wife pics

Find Nadine on Twitter here and check her website here.

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  1. WHO KNOWS says:

    The lady in the second photo is not Denise. It’s Danny Porush’s ex wife, Nancy.
    Also – who is Melissa?

  2. I just finished watching the movie and guess what… The only “bad guy” is you.

  3. All the thieves are living large..still, I envy but my roots won’t let me do people this way. She should a went to jail to. Even now they should take all there incomes..I worked on a web MD case just as recent 5 years ago. They took several employees that embezzled millions and millions of dollars they stripped him and the wife of all the money. So why should they continue to be rich for being theives.

  4. Sounds to me like she’s a gold digging s***. She was just fine with the drugs and infidelities until he got in trouble. While I don’t like cheaters and drug addicts, if she put up with it for years because of his money, that makes her worse than him. Look at her husband now. He’s filthy rich, probably cheats, and I’m sure she turns a blind eye because he has money. Now she’s trying to help couples and families with problems?! Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t take advice from the woman if she was the last therapist on earth.

    • Wow Ashley! Very judgmental about a woman you don’t even know. Who cares what it sounds to you like when you don’t know either of them and how would you know what she was fine with? She’s practiced doing different kinds of therapy for years and has a successful career so she must be doing something right. I don’t think much of her seeing him when he was married, but that was decades ago. People can grow. If she didn’t work she’d be accused of being a lazy gold digger living off money, yet she works and still gets judged. Worse than him? He ripped people off of their life savings and nearly killed his own daughter! He is clearly much worse than her.

    • Stephen Lord says:

      I couldn’t agree with you digger…and her as a family therapist?…thats rich.

  5. lkjljlkjlkjlkj says:

    not as hot as the actress

  6. Belfort and Nadine are both horrible, despicable low life scum.


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