Morgana McNeils- Fifty Shades of Grey actor Charlie Hunnam’s girlfriend

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Meet Jewelry designer Morgana McNeils; the girl is also the lucky long time girlfriend of man of the hour Charlie Hunnam! Ever since the news about Morgana’s man being chosen to portray the Christian Grey role in the much anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie there has been a lot of speculation about Charlie but now is time to get to know an important part of his life, his gorgeous and talented girlfriend!

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Morgana can definitely rock both looks don’t you think! Morgana grew up in Georgia and was born in 1981, she actually entered the fashion industry as a model, learning what pieces got the eye of designers and photographers but having had all the women in her life being drawn to jewelry she would eventually enrolled in classes that would teach her to become a goldsmith and how to create leather accessories which led her to study art, fashion and business, that combined allowed her, years later, to opened her own company – Maison de Morgana—based in Los Angeles.

Morgana created a BC Armor collection for the Boot Campaign in honor to her grandfather who served in the U.S. Air Force during WWII, then later as border control in Arizona. She personally understood the bravery and danger it took of letting go, of risking it all, in order to protect and serve America. She said during an interview for the BC

“My dream has always been to give back through charity.”

Being a smart business woman, when her beau was featured in British GQ’s Editorial she embellished the images with her “Maison de Morgana’s Men’s Ball Chain necklace in Brass”

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Morgana lives and manufactures locally in Los Angeles. Her dream as a designer is her designs to carry the promise of being coveted antiquities for future generations, she says

“Quality is paramount for me,” In 20 years, I want women to still be wearing the jewelry they buy today.”

The 32-year-old successful designer and her actor boyfriend have been together for the past six years. Morgana comes after a long list of girls for Charlie! Her man who has worked mainly on T.V was married for three years to Katharine Towne, then was also romantically linked to Sophia Dahl, Stella Parker, Georgina Townsley and Rashida Jones but when he met Morgana in 2007 he apparently decided to steady with the talented designer and have been living together for years now.

Can’t wait to see Morgana’s Charlie on the big screen! Can you??

You can find Maison de Morgana on Facebook here and follow on twitter here.

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