Melanie “Mel” Fronckowiak-300: Rise of An Empire Actor Rodrigo Santoro’s Girlfriend

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Rodrigo Santoro girlfriend 2013 Melanie Fronckowiak

Let’s meet stunning Melanie Nunes Fronckowiak, Mel, for friends. She is a 25-year-old actress, singer, dancer and model! This gorgeous girl was born in exotic Brazil and possess an exotic voluptuous figure to go along with her gorgeous face! And we are not kidding about her body, she even gained notoriety and became internationally known when an underwear brand chose her chose her as the holder of the “most beautiful butt in the world”

I know she has a weird name, but Fronckowiak comes from a Polish origin; she was born January 16, 1988 in in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Her mother Berenice Nunes who is a psychologist and her father, André Fronckowiak had an active girl in their hands. From a young age Mel showed interest in the media and that is what she pursed, majoring in Journalism.


Her obvious and undeniable looks and charisma gained her a few titles in beauty pageants such as Miss Mundo Rio Grande do Sul, Miss Personalidade and Miss Sul Mundo, placing second in the 2007 Miss Mundo Brazil but that was enough to be hired by modeling agencies that took her to the capitals of fashion such as Paris, Milan, NYC.

Mel jumped into acting and made a name for herself in her Native Rio in 2010, when she was casted as one of the six starring actors of the Soap “Rebel” that also gave her the chance to sing in the same role. Fronckowiak also did amateur theater and with only 25 years has won several awards as a model and T.V personality in Brazil. But being this gorgeous can not only help professionally! Mel and 37-year-old also Brazilian movie star Rodrigo Santoro have been spotted in the L.A area shopping for groceries together. They haven’t been dating long but they sure seem to be getting along great, I mean they speak the same language you know!

You can follow gorgeous Melanie on twitter here.

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  1. Rodrigo Santoro with his sexy beautiful wife Amina  Mel threw herself on Rodrigo Santoro Mel is just a minor distraction for Rodrigo Santoro He’s marrying me he is using Mel to get back at me we are both very jealous of each other. Rodrigo is just with Mel to get my attention now that he’s got iut I’m fierce competetion for Mel because Rodrigo Santoro wants me. Sooner or later he will have me as his wife. Mel has got to go I don’t tolerate cheaters. No man cheats on Amina.

    • Amina Warsuma says:

      I was just joking about marrying Rodrigo Santoro to get back at Rodrigo for picking at me. Seriously I think I’m better than what he has to offer. Way Better! Like it’s so far beneath me! He would really have to prove himself to me. I’m not the easy mark that Mel is or that he thought I was. He would have to spend time and money on me and make me believe in him as a man because I don’t. He’s better off with Mel because he doesn’t have to give her shit. I’m a woman that has to work and man has to work to get me as his woman. I want the best of everything and can’t settle for anything less than the best. I’m the star of my life there is no other. Wealth and Fame here I come. I’m not the self sacrificing kind like Mel is, and if I were to sacrifice anything for a man he better be worth his weight and gold and put me up on Pedestal. There is a good looking man on every corner that I can just give myself to. I’m casting Hot Hunky Actors all the time who can give Rodrigo Santoro a run for his money. I don’t see what the big deal is? There was a time I looked at Rodrigo Santoro as a God. That was my mistake! But now he’s manage to make me look at him a mere mortal. Besides I’m too busy to look at him at all. He did it to himself, now I’m the Goddess and he’s the mortal go figure that. Amina doesn’t tolerate or like Arrogant Stingy men.

  2. She is so lucky *.* dating Rodrigo Santoro, uau!

  3. Melissa C says:

    She is so lucky *.* dating Rodrigo Santoro, uau… !!

  4. Kaddie Penn says:

    Letting u knw there is a girl taking ur pics n pretending to be u on facebook.

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