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Ted Wilbur: Nurse Kaci Hickox’s Boyfriend


Meet 39-year-old Theodore Michael Wilbur, he is the boyfriend of nurse Kaci Hickox, the first person subject to New Jersey’s 21-day mandatory quarantine for health care workers returning from helping … [Read more...]

Patricia Ward: Farmingdale State College Professor


66-year-old Patricia Ward was killed yesterday during a gruesome attack by her own son. Derek Ward decapitated his mother Tuesday and then killed himself by stepping in front of an oncoming Long … [Read more...]

Andrea Crew: Former Marine Caleb Crew’s Wife


Andrea Crew, was brutally killed by her husband former Marine Caleb Crew just days after they appeared in court on domestic violence charges. Andrea’s husband Caleb, fоrmеr Marine charged with … [Read more...]

Trina Grimes Edwards: Former Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards’ Wife


Trina Edwards, she is the much younger wife of ex-Louisiana Governor and ex-con, Edwin Edwards, who is currently attempting at a political comeback, at age 87. Trina first grabbed major headlines … [Read more...]

Paul Kitterman: Broncos Fan who Mysteriously Vanished


A case of the unknown dimension! 53-year-old Paul Kitterman has been missing for the past few days after attending a football game accompanied only by his son a two more people! According to media … [Read more...]

Nate Hatch: Survivor in Shooting at Marysville Pilchuck School


Another wounded student from the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting on Oct. 24 is 14-year-old Nathaniel Hatch. He was in serious condition in intensive care at Harborview Medical Center in … [Read more...]

Gia Soriano: Marysvillle School Shooting Victim


Another school shooting craziness is leaving a dead toll and taking the lives of innocent students. This time, the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting on Oct. 24 is passing the list on … [Read more...]

Shilene George: Marysvile Shooter Jaylen Fryberg’s Girlfriend


Shilene George was once the girlfriend of Jaylen Fryberg the freshman student at Marysville Pilhuck High School where he went on a  shooting spree, killing one of his closest friends, injuring 4 more. … [Read more...]

Zoe Raine Galasso: Marysville School Shooting Victim


Zoë Raine Galasso, was the beautiful angel who was killed by the hand of Jaylen Fryberg during a shooting rampage аt Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington. Jaylen Fryberg barged intо … [Read more...]

Kathryn Lockhart: Katy Perry’s New BF Diplo’s Baby Mama


Major congrats are in store for Kathryn Lockhart who is said to be expecting her second baby! She is the former girlfriend of Dj, music producer, rapper Diplo. Even thought the couple is not together … [Read more...]