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Esther Jenner: Bruce Jenner’s Mother


What many of us  thought it was just another stunt to try and get those ratings, Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman is as real as the medals he once earned as an Olympian. As if drama isn’t … [Read more...]

Pam Mettler: Bruce Jenner’s Sister


Bruce Jenner sat down for an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer. Sawyer said she sat down one several occasions for this interview, she also talked to members of his family, including one of his … [Read more...]

Timothy Sweeten and Elizabeth Millsap: Sawyer Sweeten’s Parents


By now you probably heard the tragic news regarding the death of child star Sawyer Sweeten who reports say committed suicide on April 23 at the young age of 19. Sawyer and his twin brother appeared … [Read more...]

Elaine Weinstein: US Hostage Warren Weinstein’s Wife


Meet 71-year-old Elaine Weinstein, the wife of killed US hostage, Dr. Warren Weinstein. Her husband was a former Peace Corps official working in Pakistan for community projects. It was announced by … [Read more...]

Kristina Karo: Mila Kunis’ Alleged best Ukrainian friend


What some people do to rubbed off a little fame! Meet Kristina Karo, an Ukranian woman who claims to be a childhood friend of actress Mila Kunis and who is accusing her of stealing a chicken! The … [Read more...]

Naglaa Mahmoud: Ex- Egypt President Mohamed Morsi’s Wife


52-year-old Naglaa Ali Mahmoud is the wife of Mohamed Morsi, the former president of Egypt. Her husband has been sentenced to 20-years in jail recent reports say. Naglaa’s husband was the firth … [Read more...]

IO Tillett Wright: Amber Heard’s Photog Friend


According to the New York Post  actor Johnny Depp and his new wife Amber Heard are having marriage trouble and the blame is on photographer Io Tillet Wright, whose close friendship with Heard was way … [Read more...]