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James Bushey: Texan Man Killed By cops Outside Applebee’s


47-year-old James Bushey was shot to death by police officers in Texas after he pulled out a bb gun on them. Reports say Mr. Bushey’s blood work showed he had 19 times the legal limit of alcohol in … [Read more...]

Stacey Staniland: NYPD Arrested Three Times in a Year!


Police officers are usually praised for their good work but once in a while you get the ones like Stacey Staniland. Meet the 29-year-old who’s been arrested for the third time in just eight … [Read more...]

SMS Matti Makkonen Bio, Marriage, Children, Net Worth


We are saddened to hear about the death of Finnish engineer Matti Makkonen, better known as ‘the father of SMS’. The Pioneer in mobile services was 63-years-old and the official cause of his death … [Read more...]

Marco Bautista Aragon: Miss Universe Lupita Jones’ Boyfriend


46-year-old former Mexican beauty queen María Guadalupe Jones Garay better known as Lupita Jones, who is currently the director of "Nuestra Belleza México," announced via Facebook that, Mexico will … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz’ Sister Miriam Cruz


44-year-old Texas Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz who is currently a Republican presidential candidate speaks about older sister Miriam and her tragic death in a new memoir. POLITICO reports in … [Read more...]

Model Allison Brown: Video Vixen Suing Tyga


Meet 26-year-old Allison Brown the video model who point her finger at rapper Tyga after she said she was ‘coerced’ to appear naked in the music video “Make it nasty.” Brown recounted the facts in … [Read more...]

Ray Howland: American Airlines Manager Facing Child Rape Charges!


Meet 55-year-old Ray Howland, an American Airlines senior manager who’s been charged with unlawful contact with a minor, criminal attempted rape of a child and related charges, according to … [Read more...]

Sgt. Jay Cook: Hero Sergeant Who Caught David Sweat


Meet 47-year-old Jay Daniel Cook, the NY Sgt. who managed to capture the second 'Shawshank' prison escapee David Sweat putting and end to the manhunt caused by the convicted murderers, Richard Matt … [Read more...]