Thomas Henry Berry- Former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear Mootz’s Husband

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Monica Spear Mootz ex husband Thomas Henry Berry bio

A terrible news was released today a little girl witnessed how her parents werecold-blooded murdered in front of her,  this 5-year-old was also hurt after being shot in the leg, she is being taken care of a hospital under police protection. These little girl’s parents were identified as Venezuela’s former beauty queen Monica Spear and her beloved husband Thomas Henry Berry. what a tragedy!

Thomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband photosThomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband pic

According to El Universal 29-year-old Monica Spear Mootz and her husband Thomas Henry Berry father of her five-year-old daughter were riding in a 2002 grey Toyota in Puerto Cabello Valencia in Venezuela when their car broke down, minutes later they were shot dead by armed bandits who left their little girl with a shotgun wound in the leg and traumatized after watching her parents get killed. The child is being treated at a hospital under police protection and has been listed in stable condition. Venezuelan media informed 5 suspects are in custody, two of the suspects are underage, ages 15 and 16.

Thomas Henry Berry bio

39-year-old Thomas Henry Berry was the husband of the former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and the father of their daughter Maya born on October 10, 2009.

Thomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband photoThomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband pictures

He was born in Ireland, lived for some time in London and was currently living in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2011 Thomas Berry and a close friend created their travel and adventure company  based in Venezuela called Arekay Tours.

Monicva Mootz Miss Venezuela wiki

Thomas Berry’s pretty wife Monica Spear Mootz, 29, was born on October 1st, 1984 in Maracaibo, Venezuela, She became  Miss Venezuela 2004 and represented her beautiful country in the 2005 pageant Miss Universe where she finished 4th.

Monicva Mootz Miss Venezuela 2003Monicva Mootz Miss Venezuela bio

Monica held a degree in theatre from the University of Central Florida, Monica who was living in Miami appeared in various soap operas with Venevision, Univision and Telemundo.

Some of Monica’s acting works included

El Desprecio in 2006, Mi Prima Gemela in 2007, Calle Luna, Calle Sol in 2009, Que el Cielo Me Explique in 2010, La Mujer Perfecta in 2011, Flor Salvaje in 23012 and last year she played Bianca Santillana de Piamonte in Pasion Prohibida.

Monica Spear Mootz husband Thomas Henry Berry picMonica Spear Mootz husband Thomas Henry Berry picturesMonica Spear Mootz husband Thomas Henry BerryThomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband_pics

Thomas Berry a businessman and outdoor sports enthusiastic  got married to his pretty wife in June, 2008 in Venezuela.

Monica spear mootz Thomas Henry Berry wedding Monica spear mootz Thomas Henry Berry wedding photoMonica spear mootz Thomas Henry Berry wedding pic Monica spear mootz Thomas Henry Berry wedding picture

it is  believe Thomas and Monica were no longer together at the time of their tragic death, while others sources stated they were together, living in Miami and were in Venezuela for the Holidays.

Thomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband-photos

His wife received multiple gunshot wounds allover her body, while Thomas Henry Berry was killed by a single shot to the chest.

Thomas Henry Berry  Monica Spear Mootz husband-pics

Our Thoughts and prayers go out to both family throughout this terrible time.

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  1. This news is so sad, she was a talented woman and with a wonderful soul. RIP both of them

  2. I feel very sad about this. I didn’t know Venezuela had such a huge crime rate. I have Dominican friends and sometimes at their homes they have the Novelas on. They said that is was a Venezuelan tv program. I think drug crimes are destroying alot of cities around the world. I can’t just blame violence on Novelas. I am an American of Irish/French Canadian descent and I never visited South American before. Now I feel nervous but will take precaution if I go. Monica was a beautiful woman inside and out. May her and her husband rest in peace. This tragedy should never of happened.

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