Niki Berger is Prince Michael Jackson’s Girlfriend

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Meet Niki Berger, she is the girl romantically linked to Michael Jackson’s eldest son Prince Michael Jackson, have you met her? Want to know all about Princes girlfriend Niki?

Niki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend p

Because we are huge Michael Jackson fans we were well aware his first son Prince Michael Jackson has been dating a beautiful Asian girl named Niki Berger for a while.

As a matter of fact Prince Jackson and his GF Niki Berger have been dating since March, 2011 like him Niki is also 15, they are classmates at The Buckley School, in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Niki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend photoNiki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend-picNiki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend_pics

Ms. Berger is no stranger to the cameras and having her life on the spotlight, maybe not to the point it is right now that she is dating Prince, but she and a close friend are regularly posting videos on YouTube, check Niki Berger’s YouTube channel here

Niki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend_picturesNiki Berger Prince Michael Jackson girlfriend pics

Niki Berger is also on Tumbler here, Facebook here, Twitter here, and Pinterest here.

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    muito feia essa niki

  2. frieden garises says:

    wow u rock gal keep on i just wnt tu wish u to a nice relationship

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