Kyle “Kasey” Dexter- Ramona Singer’s Husband Mario Singer’s Mistress

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RHONY Ramona Singer has filed for divorce from her cheating hubby Mario Singer who has been having an affair with Kyle Kasey Dexter for the past six months.

32-year-old Kyle Kasey Dexter is the same woman who filed lawsuit in Manhattan federal court last month against La Palestra manager George Peters who she claimed gave her a job as a personal trainer in May 2012 only because he was attracted to her.

Kyle Kasey Dexter Mario Singer mistress girlfriend_picture 994500_10201597633450548_93090245_n.jpg Kyle Kasey Dexter Mario Singer mistress girlfriend-picKyle Kasey Dexter Mario Singer mistress girlfriend-picture

“Peters would ask [her] to have sex with him on various pieces of exercise equipment and training tables at La Palestra,” according to the lawsuit. “Her ability to become a regular trainer at La Palestra in the future was contingent on her submission, or refusal, to have sex on certain pieces of gym equipment.”

But according to sources close to Peters it was him who was the real victim, Peters said they began a consensual sexual relationship, but he had to break it off after Dexter became increasingly infatuated/in-love with him, he realized that this escalating affair could negatively affect his marriage and abruptly ended the relationship.

Read Legal docs here

Kyle Kasey Dexter Mario Singer mistress girlfriend-photo

Dexter who admitted she developed an unhealthy obsession with him didn’t take the split so well, it affected her emotionally and psychologically, reason for that in July 2012,  Kyle was rushed to the Lenox Hill Hospital emergency room for severe panic attacks.

Kyle Kasey Dexter bio

Kyle Kasey Dexter was born Kyle Catherine Dexter on August 13, 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts to Sharin and Warin Dexter, Kyle ha two siblings Allison and Matt. she graduated from Andover High School in 2000.

11-4507-040Kyle Kasey Dexter Mario Singer mistress girlfriend pictures

Kyle Dexter graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Louisiana State University.

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  2. So she’s a crackpot, a whore, and not attractive. Good going Mario!

  3. I see a pattern married men? I don’t care how many degrees you have you should have one in being a hoe ! Ugly in secure women I can tell you probley have a flat ass too!


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