Cassandra Feuerstein- Chicago Woman Suffered Horrific Injuries by Skokie Police Officer

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We can all agree that it’s a very bad idea to drive while under the influence, but what happened to this Chicago woman is beyond wrong.

On March 27 of this year, Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, was driving through Skokie, Illinois, when realizing that her driving was erratic, decide to pull over and sleep it off. A police officer found her there and arrested her. She was taken to a cement cell, asked to remove her boots and bra, and taken to have her mug shot taken.

At a press conference Cassandra said, “Apparently I was not looking into the camera the way the officer wanted me to.” According to Torri Hamilton, Cassandra’s lawyer, the officer wrote in the report that she had a smirk on her face and wasn’t looking where he wanted her to. She continues saying, “I think she was annoyed because she was complaining that she wasn’t allowed to call her kids.”

Feuerstein was charged with resisting an officer as well as drunk driving. In the lawsuit filed on Wednesday, it is alleged that the officer (Michael Hart) made false statements to others in the Skokie Police Department about why he pushed Cassandra into the jail cell, which cause them to write false reports on the incident.

After reviewing the video, Cook Count prosecutors dropped the charge of resisting arrest. Feuerstein pleaded guilty to the DUI.

Cassandra, who is the mother of two girls, suffered broken facial bones needing surgeries. She had an internal titanium plate placed to hold bones together. She has difficulty eating and suffers severe pain. Because of her injuries, her face is shaped differently on one side.

Skokie town spokeswoman Ann Tennes said in a statement: ‘The Village of Skokie expresses deep concern for Ms Cassandra Feuerstein’s injuries that occurred at the Skokie Police Station earlier this year.

‘Officer Michael Hart has been on station duty and has no contact with the public. Both the Village of Skokie and the Cook County State’s Attorney have ongoing investigations pending that began when the incident occurred.’


Hamilton states, “It was a cowardly act of bullying.” I think she’s right, what do you think? Watch the video below and give us your opinion. We warn you the video is graphic.

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  1. she was exactly cooperative. Please read the entire article before commenting.

  2. Guess what? None of this would have happened if she wasn’t drunk driving. Ignorant b**ch!

  3. Audrey Bonsal says:

    My thoughts why , when a man is a woman heater does he have to take it out on all woman ? He probable does not like his wife so he takes it out on all woman. I know a lot of cops that are like that.

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