Annabel Capper- The Hobbit Actor Richard Armitage’s Girlfriend

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annabel capper and richard armitage 2 pic

Well the mystery of the day is: Is Annabel Capper still Richard Armitage’s girlfriend?

They met many years ago, around 2001-2002, and were even in a play together in 2002. She is, obviously, an actress and has been in movies, television series and also on the stage. Most of her work is from England, where she lives.

Apparently she and Richard lived together in South London for quite some time, although, according to gossip, they no longer do so. She is a lovely woman with a beautiful speaking voice. It has been commented that she has a normal, as opposed to skeletal, body.

It has been reported that the romantic part of their relationship is over, but that they have a very strong friendship and are very supportive of each other. The one thing that we know for sure about her is that she does not like to be the center of public attention.

Annabel has been the only woman positively identified as a girlfriend of Richard’s.  We have read that they are still close. What we want to know is how close are they. Maybe they are just a couple who enjoy their time together away from public glare. What do you think? Do you know something we don’t? If so, be sure to let us in on the info!

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  1. Clariss ritter says:

    He’s seeing Idina menzel now, he and anabel broke up some time ago. She didn’t like his film career and she couldn’t take being in the public eye. Idina is moe comfortable with film and television work and public relations.

  2. omg! if it’s true about richard and Idina! wow, she’s lovely and talented! I saw her sing last week on the Academy Awards show. What a voice! makes sense, he’s in NYC right? and she’s a broadway star…if it’s true….hope they’re happy…

  3. Beth Mattinson says:

    I read online he’s filming in England. I have no doubt he’s a private man, probably straight or bi, but honestly I can’t see him with this Capper woman. She’s either very patient or they have a just friends relationship. My sister in law is a marriage counselor, also a big fan of his & other Brit film actors. She believes he puts his career first but will not hesitate when he meets the right woman; and he hasn’t yet.

    • christina says:

      My gut feeling tells me your sister-in-law is right..Until he finds The One,his career comes first…As per the Idina rumours…Proof please !! “I see things” is not proof….Plus, the man seems like he has been everywhere BUT NYC lately…And will continue that way for a while it would seem….

  4. He is not seeing Idina, she is happily married to Taye Diggs and has been for 11 years. Who came up with this rumour?!

  5. Clariss ritter says:

    Idina menzel and Tate diggs separated last year. I live in New York City. I see things.

  6. From what I’ve read, the man is single, and busily focused on his career. We have no clue who he is currently dating; although I strongly suspect he’s had to deal with all kinds of wicked rumors lately! Personally, I believe he is more straight than anything else. If he is bisexual, he prefers women. Right now, who cares? Let’s see his career jump and may he do projects that are fulfilling for him. I hope he wins many awards and continues to grow as an actor.
    Oh, don’t believe all the rumors, even those from people in big cities! I used to live in Los Angeles and I saw celebrities all the time. They live in a fishbowl. It’s sad.

    • Sasha Winter says:

      Richard has a place in the Village in NY unless he recently sold it. Apparently, Ian McKellen “outed” Richard and Lee and many rumours are abounding that they’re a couple. Richard spent thanksgiving holiday with Lee’s family in TX 2 years ago judging from the photos circling. But is Richard A. gay? Idina is not dating Richard because just recently she said she was ready to date and was looking to meet someone. So who knows? And why would McKellen OUT anyone? It’s not his place to do so.

      • my question is: who uploaded 2 years ago personal photos of RA and Lee Pace ??? to me it seems like the Pace family is trying to say something because clearly those photos were taken by Pace family

        • Sasha Winter says:

          I heard that his brother’s facebook account got hacked and the photos were uploaded. So sad because I’m sure the Pace family likes their privacy.

  7. @Clariss: Have you actually seen them together? She certainly seems his type…

    • Sasha Winter says:

      I’ve heard rumors from friends who work on Broadway in the theatre that Idina and Hugh Jackman are “very friendly” with one another. The man certainly is known to flirt very openly. However, who knows? Aren’t they supposed to be in a play together this fall?

  8. Ysabelle says:

    Wait what?! Indina Mennzel and Richard Armitage?? I haven’t heard about any dating rumors about the two……..

  9. a couple of days ago Twitter exploded with a photo of him with Lee Pace spotted together at Washington Square Park, this increase the rumors that they are a gay couple but my question is: who uploaded 2 years ago personal photos of RA and Lee Pace ??? to me it seems like the Pace family is trying to say something because clearly those photos were taken by Pace family

  10. Oh for goodness sake.
    He is whatever he is.
    As for the internet exploding. How dim are you lot.#
    It did NOT explode, it was reported and that was that.
    Do you ladies not have female friends? Men can have pals too you know.
    Anyway he has been in the UK, for past three and a half months and NO pictures were taken of him.He goes to the wonderful America and you insult his privacy by taking pictures and them prostituting them onto the internet.
    Gosh I wish he would stay in the UK. We know how to treat the privacy of our actors that want privacy.
    Please don’t lie in your comments. Exploded.. how funny of you…. idiots.

  11. I’m pretty sure he’s bisexual with a preference for women. However, he can do better than Annabel Capper. A publicity phobic actress is odd in the entertainment industry. They need publicity to get noticed and get roles. I wonder if Richard will end up with a younger, more attractive partner when his work schedule calms down. The strange thing is, I can see him more with Lee Pace than I can with Capper. Still, I hope he’s happy with both personal & professional life, with a person who can deal with the spotlight and share it with him, not hide.

  12. I don’t really care about his sexual life. He is a terrific and multi talented actor. I hope he will continue to get great lead roles (more period dramas, please!), and hopefully win more awards, he certainly deserves it! But I do hope he doesn’t end up living in Hollywood or NY or anywhere in America to further his career. I don’t think living in the Hollywood fish bowl will suit him. Let’s us all wish RA the best of the best of luck in his personal & professional life. He is the best creature on two legs to grace this planet of ours, I must say!

  13. He’s a fine actor, but I suspect he might be bisexual. Whoever he’s with is a lucky person! I wish him wonderful new projects and creative opportunities. And Lee pace is terrific, too. Whatever their relationship, it doesn’t detract from their talent. So, really, who cares?

  14. AnnWrites says:

    He says he wants kids, so he will definitely marry someone younger, say around 30 yrs old but not late thirties. Also he says he feels 25 and he’s super fit so I do think he will marry someone around the age he ‘feels’, that is 25. I kinda envy men. Not really I don’t 😉

  15. he is completely gay. how can a succesful handsome rich man be single at his nearly 44 years old???? pleaseeee. all that annabel relationship was so fake. in the pics he looked like he was next to his “sister” and all those articles where he said he wants a wife and children are just what his fans want to read/heard. he wont come out of the closet he wont spoil his career.

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